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UK Shortage Occupations List

The Shortage Occupation List is a strict list of jobs for migrant workers.

View details of theĀ current shortage occupation listĀ (pdf – opens in a new window).

The occupations that make up this list are determined by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) and are selected on the basis that they meet the needs of UK businesses and better reflect the highly selective Points-Based System immigration process.

What is the Shortage Occupation List?

If a job is on the shortage occupation list, it means there are not enough resident workers to fill the available jobs in that particular sector. Consequently for jobs on the shortage occupation list employers are not required to demonstrate that they have applied the resident labour market test in order to issue a Tier 2 Certificate of Sponsorship.

How can employers have their say about jobs on the shortage occupation list?

On behalf of our clients, we collate and present evidence to the MAC to support the inclusion of specific jobs on the national shortage occupation list where there is a need expressed by employers. Because of this, we want employers to help with the review so that their needs are met. If you have any comments or would like to know more about presenting evidence to the MAC, please contact us.