Why Work with Us

Kommand Travel is a leading international education outsourcing company that specializes in student recruitment and placement into different international universities and colleges.

  • Since 2005, we have had more than 18 years of experience in recruiting students for overseas studies.
  • Representing directly more than 20 Universities and Colleges.
  • Working for more than 12 countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, European countries, etc.
  • Working closely with all the major visa offices to help students and parents understand how visa decisions really turn out.
  • Maintaining a visa success rate of 99%.
  • Helped thousands of students to get visas successfully, clear the ban of 10 years of UK under section 320 (7A and 7B), and successfully receive Canadian visas on the 2nd attempt after misrepresentation of other agents on the first time, being with us for your success stories.

Below are a few of the many reasons why you should move abroad with Kommand Travel Ltd.


  • Admission into bachelors degrees with WAEC, NECO, OND & SSCE
  • Admission into master’s degree with HND, B.Sc. (3rd class division)
  • Flexible start dates; January, May & September yearly
  • We maintain over 90% visa success rate since 2007
  • We offer a wide range of scholarships & grants
  • We guarantee admission 100%
  • Get an offer of admission within 48 hours of application for UG
  • We look after our current & retrospective students abroad
  • We recruit students into over 120 good-rated institutions abroad
  • We offer free career, living abroad & visa counseling to prospects
  • We assist our students overseas to get jobs during their studies

Our Competitive Advantages

We are always working to improve our services and products. Here are a few areas we believe make us the best partners for our clients moving abroad:

The Kommand Travel Difference

While there are many reasons why we are the best partners for people looking to move abroad, here are a few important ways we stand out from our competition:

Defying Categorization

Kommand Travel is typically included in the broader industry categories of relocation services and Kommand coaching, but we offer something truly unique compared to the alternatives

Relocation companies are great for getting in-person help you’re all set to make your move, and we’re happy to partner with them so that our clients can get the support they need on the ground after arriving in their new destinations.

Kommand Travel coaches are great to talk to so that you can get clear about your motivations, assess the challenges in front of you, and find a way to navigate through them. We’re happy to offer coaching services so that we can help our clients do just that.

We are different from traditional relocation services companies and coaches. Our unique services were created based on our own experiences abroad, as well as the hundreds of conversations we’ve had with our clients over the years.