Educational Consultancy

Kommand Travel provides prospective students with study-abroad placement options. Our students are able to take advantage of global placement possibilities. This facilitates their obtaining admission and processing their visa application. Students may rely on our professionalism and knowledge in this field.

We are able to provide impartial guidance to all of our pupils. Partner institutions range from colleges to universities and provide a variety of programs, including certificates, diplomas, associate degrees, graduate certificates, graduate diplomas, master’s (coursework), master’s (research), and doctoral degrees. In the same way, with the help of our partner institutions, we pick up and house our students at the airport.

Students can rely on our knowledge to assist them with counselling and visa application packaging. Without valid study permission or a visa, an international student may not be able to enrol in his or her program and pursue studies. So, it is very important that this is done right so that the standards set by different embassies and high commissions are met. Because we know a lot about the field, our clients can expect us to give them excellent service.