All the university visits that are held at our offices, plus all events, fairs, mini-fairs, and roadshows that we run in Kommand offices, provide a 100% free service to its students. Kommand Travel Ltd. has a full counseling service that can help you choose the right college, pick the right career path, get a student visa, and figure out how to pay for tuition.

Admission to the world’s top 100 universities is guaranteed at a low cost. This simply means that students can gain admission to the Ivy League because we have a large network of schools and charge low tuition.

Application processing for admission and scholarships with no hidden charges With Kommand Travel Ltd., undergraduates are guaranteed an offer letter within 48 hours, while postgraduates may have to wait up to two weeks. Also, a scholarship of 20%-100% of tuition fees is available to our students.

Discounted tuition fees are offered when applications are made through us. If a student needs a tuition discount to study abroad, they can get one if they are affiliated with Kommand Travel.

Guaranteed 100% visa approval rate Because Kommand Travel has a well-known standard in the education field, it is easy for our students to visit embassies in the countries where they have chosen to study further.