What Are The Best Countries to Immigrate With The Family?

Best countries to move to with a family and raise kids

If you are considering moving abroad to make a fresh start, finding the country that is best suited to you, your lifestyle, and your goals can be tricky. This is a huge decision, and, if you have children, you will have a range of additional considerations to account for during your search. As well as looking at factors such as employment opportunities, affordability, culture, and housing, you will also have to think about the quality and availability of education and the well-being of your kids.

The moving process is something that countless ex-pats before you have gone through and, thanks to their knowledge, there is a lot of information out there about real-life moving experiences. Using information from ex-pat surveys, we have compiled some of the countries which are rated highest for moving to with a family.


According to the InterNations Expat Insider survey from 2017, Finland is the top country in the world for family life. Finland regularly places as one of the top options for people moving with families thanks to high quality, widely available, affordable childcare and education. In the survey, an impressive 72% of people rated the education system as ‘excellent’ with parents also happy with the range of leisure activities for their kids.


Sweden is another country which is frequently ranked as one of the best countries for families. The very generous 480 days of parental leave for a couple after having a baby is a prominent factor in the country’s family-friendly status. With a laid back culture, high quality of life and good income equality, healthcare and national happiness, Sweden is an attractive option.

Best countries to move to with a family and raise kids


In the latest Expat Explorer survey from HSBC, the Netherlands was ranked in the number one spot for families. The country clinche the top spot in part thanks to coming in first for improvements to children’s health and wellbeing after moving to the country. Over three-quarters of parents said that their child’s wellbeing was better in the Netherlands than in their previous country of residence. Combined with good availability of childcare and quality of education, this makes for a good country for families.


Some countries are rated well for families due to a standout advantage in one area but Denmark is a good all-rounder. Expats welcome the emphasis on work/life balance with flexible working for parents widespread. Availability and options for education – for example, the woodland primary schools which focus on spending time outdoors – are strong points. Furthermore, Denmark is also ranked as one of the best countries in the world for safety, peace and quality of life.


Singapore is a popular choice for emigrating to, and can offer multicultural, modern city living. There is an active British expat community in Singapore which is great for integrating into a new environment along with a welcome attitude from locals towards expats. For families, Singapore’s reputation as a safe country – ranked second in the world – along with a world class education system are big draws. However, the relatively high costs of education can be a worry for some.

New Zealand

New Zealand is an attractive country for Brits looking to move abroad, not least because the lack of a language barrier can make transitioning a lot easier for the whole family. There is a large expat community and the schooling system isn’t dissimilar to the UK’s – it is of great quality too, regularly placing in the top 10 worldwide. Since moving to New Zealand, large numbers of expats report taking part in more outdoor activities and having a more positive outlook on life.

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